Counselling & support

About to loose everything - his job, house, and family – 27-year-old Monde* finally called the Childline crisis line. After discussing his problems, he was invited to come to Childline’s Tembisa office for counselling. He did little more than cry in the first session. During the second week’s counselling, he started opening up and thus began many more sessions with one of our counsellors. Sadly, like many young people, Monde had been the victim of abuse as a child and this had led to many of his behavioural problems in adulthood. Acknowledging his issues and committing himself to working on them was the first step to putting his past behind him. And his efforts have been recognised. Monde’s boss at work noticed the difference in his behaviour and attitude and offered him a second chance. He’s subsequently been promoted. In addition, Monde has been able to work on his own grief and learned to love again.

*Not his real name.