Training & development

A few years ago, we ran a Sunlight Safe House (SSH) training programme for new SSH volunteers. We had been going for some time, and had reached the sessions on Child Development, including sexual development, and positive communication with children. At this point, a SSH trainee called Pamela told the group how the training had transformed her and her relationship with her daughter.

Her daughter was in her 20’s and up until now they had never sat down and discussed sex, relationships, boys or men. After the previous session, Pamela had gone home and suggested that she and her daughter sit down over a cup of tea and talk about the man her daughter was soon to marry. This was the first of many frank, open and honest discussions they had about relationships. This personal transformation is precisely the type of journey we at Childline hope trainees will experience and take away with them during the course, so that they become the best SSH parents they can be – to their own and our children.