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24/7 Toll-Free Help Line Counselling for 2022 Learners during exams

The Gauteng Department of Basic Education (GDBE) has partnered with Childline Gauteng to support learners and families through the stress of exams and awaiting the results.  We commend GDBE for their care and concern for their school communities.  Tensions run high at this time of the year and especially for our youth writing exams.  The Childline Help Line is available to provide support through this stressful time.  Please call us on 116.

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Research report: Survivors’ perceptions of the efficacy of the Criminal Justice System in South Africa for adults and children affected by Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

The Solidarity Fund awarded Childline Gauteng a research grant which was administered by Tshikululu Social Investments (TSI) with oversight from Ucwaningo Research Surveys (PTY) Ltd. The research focused on child and women survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) experiences of the criminal justice system (CJS), however the majority of Childline Gauteng clients of SGBV were children and these research findings pertain particularly to child survivors.

The purposes of this study were to investigate the perceptions of survivors on the efficacy of the CJS in respect of reported cases of sexual and gender-based violence, with a view to identifying the factors that contribute to low conviction rates and developing recommendations for the improved performance of the CJS.

Tribute in Honour of our Late Patron, the Most Reverend Desmond M Tutu

Childline mourns the passing of our beloved patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but we take comfort in his life of moral, political, personal and spiritual courage: our Arch was a spiritual warrior taking on the might of the apartheid forces; he was a source of hope and comfort keeping the faith that we would emerge from the darkness; he chaired the TRC and carried the painful awareness of that darkness; he bravely stood against state capture and corruption; he fought for gay and women’s rights; he mediated for world peace; and beyond all, he believed in the sanctity of our humanity and our ability to co-create a world of loving kindness and social justice for all.

COVID-19 Reports – SA in lockdown

We commit to do everything in our power to “flatten the curve” and prevent the escalation of infection, and are sure that you all, our Caring Childline Community, are doing the same. The Childline emergency services will remain open: 24/7 Toll Free Help Line – 116 is on standby to assist all callers on all issues, including Corona! They have an up to date manual on all relevant info and will support families, communities and children! Call us if you need advice or would like to help in some way. Our counsellors would be happy to chat to you.

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African Humanism

According to Reuel Khosa (2011) “African humanness” encompasses the values of the universal brotherhood of humankind, including: belonging; dependence on relations with all including mother earth; respect for the dignity and rights of the individual; working for the common good; a reverence for our Elders and Ancestors; and, the overarching God-principle that recognizes our humanness comes from The Spirit.

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25 years of Democracy – 8 million Childline services

Childline Gauteng is proud to have contributed to building stronger families and children through the delivery of approximately 8 million services in the democratic South Africa!  We give thanks to our Creator for you, our members who have made this phenomenal achievement possible and have walked this journey with us for a quarter of a century.  We are distraught that our collective promise of a better life for all has not been realized and continue to dedicate ourselves to the provision of services and finding solutions with all our child protection partners.

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Seven strategies to end violence against children

Childline Gauteng celebrates the New Dawn in South Africa, led by our president, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, and give thanks for his dedication and strategies beginning to rebuild our country. We look forward to an era of growth, in which we can address the structural causes of violence (recognizing that violence is always a personal choice) that our children and families face every day.

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Gauteng Crime Stats – Implications for Children of our Province & Childline Gauteng’s Long Term Strategy

We note with great concern the 478 659 crimes reported in Gauteng (see graph hereunder), representing 28.7% of the 1 662 845 national stats.  Bekhi Cele equates these stats with those found in war zones and our Childline clients reveal the devastating impact on our youth, who may naturally develop a “victim” or a learned aggressiveness mentality.  Whilst children are not always the direct victims of these crimes, they are exposed to most of them – through relationships with the victims, being a witness and media reports.

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