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Training and Development

Information Hub: Training, Development and Digital Information – for all our employees and volunteers, professionals and community members, including: social workers, Help Line counsellors, educators in the Community Awareness and Prevention Programme, community caregivers, lawyers and police officers who work in the field of Child Protection and Children’s Rights.

We recognise that on-going professional skills development is necessary to ensure services of a high quality and to build confidence in all persons working with children including our employees and volunteers. Our ability to reach our goals depends on the attitudes, skills and knowledge. Child protection is a specialised field that requires people who are passionate and competent in their field to meet the complex needs of the beneficiaries. This is enhanced by the training and development department.

Internal Training addresses the training needs for staff and volunteers.  Staff members require on-going skills development and CPD points.  New volunteers are recruited each year for the Help Line and they require in-depth training before they can begin their work, as well as on-going training based on the needs of the clients.

Our graduate development project ensures that newly qualified social workers and auxiliary social workers who are placed at Childline as interns, with support by the Health and Welfare SETA, receive the best possible training to equip them to deal with all child related issues.

External Training Many of the adults working with children have little or no training on issues related to children.  Adult caregivers in ECDs, CYCCs and drop-in centres, as well as professionals working within the child protection field, frequently have no specialised training in child development, management of behaviour, child abuse and how to handle disclosures. Such training of workers – both professional and non-professional – is essential in preventing the primary and secondary abuse of children in these settings.

What we offer:

Workshops on Child Care & Parenting Skills (professionals & non-professionals)

  • Child Abuse and Disclosure
  • Positive Parenting Skills (4 sessions):
    – Building your child’s self esteem
    – Positive communication
    – Positive discipline
    – Understanding and responding to Child Abuse

Workshops for professionals & volunteers working with children & their families.

  • Childline Help Line Course
  • Child Abuse and an Introduction to Basic Counselling Skills
  • Bullying
  • Common Behavioural Disorders in Childhood
  • Positive Discipline at Home
  • Positive Discipline in the Classroom
  • Childhood Depression
  • Childhood Grief and Loss
  • Domestic Violence
  • Court Preparation and Support for Child Victims and their families
  • Therapeutic Work with Children (for Social Workers, Psychologists, therapists)
  • Group therapy with Child Victims of Abuse (for Social Workers, Psychologists, therapists)


We also ensure that information on all child related issues can be accessed through social media and our website, and we use these platforms to share pertinent advice, resources and practical information.

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