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Divorce and Separation

Sometimes if parents or carers are not happy in a relationship with each other anymore, they may decide to get a separation, or a divorce. There are many reasons why this can happen, and if it is your parents who are making this choice, it is important to remember that this is NOT YOUR FAULT. Their decision is about them and how their feelings for each other have changed.

When parents get divorced or separate, it is tough for children. Children often feel like it’s their fault, they feel afraid that they won’t spend time with one of their parents any more, and sometimes they feel like their parents have forgotten about them in all the fighting and arguing. Sometimes adults don’t realise how much their behaviour is affecting the people who are closest to them, like their families.

Some tips when your parents are splitting up:

  • Tell both, or even just one of your parents how you feel about hearing their arguments, and about your feelings, worries and fears – they might not be aware of how this is affecting you
  • Ask for support, from your parents, or from another person in your family that you know will be there for you, or maybe from a counsellor – this is hard and you need support
  • Express your feelings creatively – write poems, keep a journal, listen to music that helps you with your feelings
  • Keep doing the things you love – you need to focus on YOU, and the good stuff in your life

Don’t forget that Childline is always here for you and you can always talk things through with our counsellors 116

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