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Tekkie Tax 2020

It is official!!! Tekkie Tax Day is, once again, around the corner and this year we are taking hands to Make the Circle BIGGER!!  Tekkie Tax has become a household name over the past 7 years. This year, Tekkie Tax Day will be celebrated on *date to be confirmed* and you have to make sure that you are properly prepared!

How does it work? Take hands with us and Make the Circle BIGGER with the new “One for All and All for One” sticker.  All you need to do is purchase your sticker from a cause close to your heart – Childline Gauteng.

What will it cost?  R10 per sticker.

How do I order stickers? Email Jolene at and place your order.

About the Tekkie Tax initiative: Tekkie Tax is fast becoming SA’s most significant fundraising campaign for more than 256 local welfare organisations. The campaign is fun, funky, trendy, innovative, unique and successful.  The campaign started off in 2013 and since its inception, Tekkie Tax has already raised almost R47.8million.

Take hands and Make the Circle BIGGER in 2020!   

Proudly wear your sticker and your Tekkies! No excuse – join the fun and support International Tekkie Tax Day!

MySchool, My Village, My Planet

Childline Gauteng is a beneficiary of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme. It is one of the first and largest community programmes in South Africa.

It comprises of a card system that allows you to raise funds for your nominated beneficiary everytime you shop at one of the programme’s partner stores. The partner stores make a contribution on behalf of the supporter towards the selected beneficiary, and the best part of it, there is no cost to you.

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme raises more than R6 million per month for various charities and schools that have joined the programme.

How does the programme work?

  • Apply for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card and you can select Childline Gauteng as your beneficiary.
  • When you purchase items from the participating retailers, swipe your MySchool card with the purchase.
  • As percentage of your transaction is then allocated to your Childline Gauteng.
  • Visit the MySchool website to join –
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