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Why fund us

“It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken adults.”

Our prevention and early intervention work is essential for opening the way to a better future for our children, and therefore a better future for our country.

Ensuring that vulnerable, abused, traumatised and neglected children are safe, healed and more resilient, is fundamentally necessary to enable them to reach their true potential.

While this, in itself, is reason enough, there are many more good reasons to fund Childline Gauteng:

  • Childline Gauteng is a Not For Profit Company (2015/173593/08) with a well-established brand, with high performance leadership
  • We have been at the forefront of protecting vulnerable children and promoting children’s rights since 1987 – an impressive and remarkable track record of service delivery, through several political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological challenges to stay operative and relevant
  • We are registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) which allows us to issue a Section 18A certificate
  • Childline GP has a Black Beneficiary Base percentage of 99%; a B-BBEE SED recognition percentage of 100% and a B-BBEE Level 1 affidavit for specialised entities
  • We have financial transparency, good governance and robust internal organisational systems, structures and processes, as well as monitoring and evaluation systems for all programmes and projects
  • We have offices in 7 areas in Gauteng, and are accessible to the most marginalised communities, identified by Government as in need of services and development
  • Our holistic basket of services is unique in that we offer free services 24 / 7 365 days, providing support to hundreds of thousands of children, and their families, whose human rights have been compromised, and are beset with violent, psycho-social and economic challenges
  • Childline GP has very strong relations with the South African Government, and works closely with the Departments of Social Development, Education, Justice, and Community Safety, as well as SAPS and the NPA
  • Our developmental and empowerment framework is aligned to the National Development Policy, and with DSDs policies and legislative framework – the DSD recognises that Childline GP makes a valuable contribution to service delivery for vulnerable children in Gauteng
  • In addition, we also have long-term partnerships and working relationships with a large range of NPOs, NGOs, and CBOs in all of the communities we serve, which assists with the collaboration and referrals necessary to ensure our beneficiaries’ needs are met
  • Our CAPP School Talks Programme is aligned with and supports the Department of Education’s curriculum for Life Orientation
  • Childline GP’s 24 / 7 toll-free Help Line was previously reported by Child Helpline International (CHI) to be the biggest Child Helpline worldwide
  • We are affiliated to Childline South Africa which operates nationally, and whose mandate is support, capacity building, and advocacy at both national and international forums
  • Each provincial Childline is registered as an independent and autonomous non-profit, entirely responsible for their own budget and operations

“When we see it in the faces of our children, we know: there will always be, for us, a worthy future”  

(National Planning Committee for the NDP, 2012:12)

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