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What is child abuse? Emotional abuse Neglect Physical abuse Sexual abuse Exploitation Who abuses children and why? Is it ever the child’s fault? What can I do?


What is anxiety? Why is it important to talk about anxiety? When should I be concerned? What are panic attacks? Managing your child’s anxiety . Tips for parents in managing anxiety and panic. Resources.

Behaviour problems

What are behaviour problems? Behaviour problems to watch out for. What are some common behavioural disorders?

Bonding and attachment

What is bonding? What is attachment? Good things about attachment and bonding for the baby.


What is bullying? Different types of bullying Possible signs of bullying. The role players. What to do if your child is being bullied or is the bully? Be internet safe and bullying in schools.


What is depression? Signs and symptoms of depression. Treating depression. Resources.


What does disability mean? Talking to your child about disability. Teaching empathy while explaining disability. Things to remember.

Discrimination & Stigma

What is discrimination? What is stigma? Talking to your child about discrimination and stigma. What to do if your child is being discriminated against.

Gangsterism / Violence

Gangsterism in South African Schools. Where do gangs come from? Tips for parents and schools. Resources, References and Contacts.

Harmful Religious Practices

What are harmful religious practices? What to do. Resources.

Positive Discipline

What is Positive Discipline? How children learn best. Communication with children. Difficult children or children with special needs. Raising boys and girls. Behaviour that is harmful to children. Learning with our children. Parents/Caregivers also need ‘time out’.

Poverty & Homelessness

What is poverty? Talking to children about poverty and homelessness. What you can do about street children. Resources.

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