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Life Changes

Throughout life, we all go through changes. Some are really positive and exciting, like a wedding or a new baby. Others are negative and can be sad or scary, like moving to a different house, the death of a loved one, a bread-winner losing their job, a traumatic event, or even changing school.

Both positive and negative life changes can be very stressful. Think about all the disagreements people have when planning a big party or a wedding – things like what the colour scheme is going to be can cause major arguments and lots of grumpiness and anger!

All of us will go through a number of these life changes or events, but what is important is how we handle our feelings and response to them.

When you feel like you are not coping with the stress, frustration, uncertainty, anxiety, sadness or fear, speak to someone you trust about it. You can also call Childline and share your feelings with a professional counsellor – 116

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