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Tribute in Honour of our Late Patron

In Honour of our Late Patron The Most Reverend Desmond M Tutu O.M.S.G. D.D. F.K.C.

Childline mourns the passing of our beloved patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but we take comfort in his life of moral, political, personal and spiritual courage: our Arch was a spiritual warrior taking on the might of the apartheid forces; he was a source of hope and comfort keeping the faith that we would emerge from the darkness; he chaired the TRC and carried the painful awareness of that darkness; he bravely stood against state capture and corruption; he fought for gay and women’s rights; he mediated for world peace; and beyond all, he believed in the sanctity of our humanity and our ability to co-create a world of loving kindness and social justice for all.

Our challenge as a country is to keep his legacy alive by holding sacred his vision of a country based on compassion and human rights for all, based on his teachings:

  • of the spark of God within us all, manifest by the feminine and masculine ability to co-create life through the conception of children, in the image of God and (hopefully) in the spirit of love and developing their humanity, thereby honouring ourselves, our ancestors and future generations;
  • to work for justice and peace through our African Humanism being rooted in a deep sense of belonging and connection to community and to live in compassion for others;
  • doing “God’s will has to do with what is right, just, decent and healing of the wounds of society …and that the rights and dignity of even those who society regards as insignificant are to be treated with respect.  Only when this lesson is learned will there be peace.” Archbishop Tutu – Prophetic Witness in South Africa (1996 pg 44);
  • seeking and standing for the truth in all matters;
  • of celebrating our glorious diversity of race, gender, education, religion, sexual orientation and social or economic status where we are all equal, deserving of respect and the right to be autonomous;
  • of transformation and belief in the possibility of ‘transfiguration’ that the good within all people will triumph over the evil in the world as we “become more human, living in an environment that is hospitable to people, where they matter, where justice and compassion and caring are at a premium”. Archbishop Tutu – Prophetic Witness in South Africa (1996 pg 53);
  • that faith that can move mountains, not by denying our country’s difficulties, but facing the truth and focusing on forgiveness and reconciliation.

We at Childline invite all our partners to join us in celebrating the life of our late patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and heeding his call to continue to transform our country into a place of extraordinary possibilities through our common humanity.

Lynne Cawood

Director:  Childline Gauteng



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