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Childline Gauteng launches peace campaign to end violence

Once again our country faces troubled times; violence and allegations of insurrection continue to plague our people, creating fear, instability and an uncertain future for all in South Africa.

We have designed a campaign to promote peaceful relations in our communities through the distribution of posters, a social media strategy, radio ads and a whistle for peace.  In addition, there is an invitation to call our 24/7 Toll-Free Help Line on 116 and our trained counsellors will help callers resolve problems, promote peace within families and communities and provide info to establish inner peace, for the sake of our children.

We humbly ask you to engage in peace processes, within your circle of influence, promoting our human rights-based constitutional democracy and respectful relations with all.  We would be delighted to share our peace posters or worksheet for children.  Please call us on 011 645 2000.

We thank the Solidarity Human Crisis Relief Fund and our pro-bono advertising agency Net#workBBDO for their support of this campaign.

For more information on the peace campaign and to learn the peace whistle please click here

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