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About the Run: It didn’t take much convincing to get Pirates Running Club stalwarts David Case and Johan Botes to tackle a mammoth, and somewhat silly run, from the original Pirates Club in Kimberley, to the final destination of the famous Old Bones bar at Pirates Club in Greenside – a mere 500 kilometres away.

What sounded like a good idea at the time turned into an even better one for Childline once the guys decided that there was no way they could run all that way without a good enough reason or cause. Starting on 16 August 2019, Dave and Johan started the iconic 500 Kays for Kids journey where, in 1884 when George Danford formed the first Pirates Club. They covered roughly 50 kilometres a day for a total of 10 days until they reached Pirates Greenside, which, formed in 1888 is the oldest sports club in Johannesburg today.

Both David and Johan are no strangers to long-distance running and have done some extreme to downright crazy things in their running careers.

We chose to partner with Childline because we believe children should be guaranteed their basic human right to safety through the facilitation of child protection,” says David. “Childine plays a crucial role in giving these kids support and ultimately shaping their future.”

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